The A2D Program | A2D - Attention 2 Detail
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The A2D Program

ATTENTION 2 DETAIL // for building correct technique

Program Development

  • We have evolved to multiple levels of training available to serve players from the entry level youth to the highest level collegiate players.
  • We give all parents an entry evaluation of their player and direct their learning not for the next 2 months but what they will need now and in the future to be an exceptional player
  • Communication – we communicate any cancellations of sessions timely for any reason and honor all credits for future uses.

Professionally Developed Curriculum

  • Curriculum has been developed by Brent Goulet – former US Olympian, USMNT Player, European Player & Coach, and UEFA Pro License Coach.
  • Our program is created on sports science and biomechanics to teach correct technique at the earliest of ages and perfect that over a child’s playing time.
  • We are constantly updating and altering our curriculum and offerings to meet the needs of our students at any level and age.