A2D Soccer training model | A2D - Attention 2 Detail
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A2D’s Model

ATTENTION 2 DETAIL – Providing Technical Development

We group players at all levels based on skill set rather than age.  Our goal is to develop players into the best individual player they can be, which will translate into exceptional framework for team play.

Our program is built on a revolving curriculum that addresses the individual player skills of:

  • Agility – which leads to quick feet
  • Dribbling & ball control
  • Defending
  • Cuts, moves & tricks
  • Shielding
  • 1-v-1 Competition
  • Confidence with a ball
  • Additional classes focus on 1st Touch & Pass and Finishing


All training sessions are broken down into 3 segments for optimal learning:

  • Warm up
  • Technical Training
  • Game Activity

Curriculum is devised into an 8 week revolving system where players enter at any point. Our pricing model benefits frequent attendance over sporadic.