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ATTENTION 2 DETAIL // for building correct technique

What is A2D Soccer?

A2D Soccer teaches the secrets to expert dribbling and complete ball mastery. Our entire focus is on developing each and every individual and teaching them the attributes and qualities that separates the great player from the good player. We focus on Agility, Ball Mastery and instilling Confidence.

A2D Soccer is not a team, nor is it a soccer club in the most common sense. We are a skills development program for all ages and all level of abilities that compliments regular training.

How do I sign up? I want to try A2D Soccer.

A2D Soccer offers everybody to take a Free trial where students can see if they enjoy this system and our sport of 1-v-1. There is no obligation for you to join after the trial, but if you enjoy it and would like to attend regularly a membership is required and then we have multiple packages available with discounts the more frequent you attend.

The procedure is you select a membership level and pay the one-time joining fee for it, and then you pay for your training at the beginning of every month for a minimum period of 4 weeks. There are excellent discounts for Gold members and for those who wish to pay for a longer term in advance.

You can contact us to arrange your Free trial session.

How long is one session?

Each session is 100 minutes long broken down into 3 periods with water breaks in between:

  1. Warm-up and Agility Period – 20-25 minutes
  2. Drill Period – 20-25 minutes focusing on introduction, mechanics and execution of key moves and combinations of moves
  3. 1-v-1 Combat Matches Period – 40-45 minutes of players being matched up against each other in age group and ability level, where they play 3-4 minute matches and an average of 3-5 matches per session.
How old do I have to be to attend A2D Soccer?

Boys and girls of all ages are welcome at A2D Soccer.

We will introduce and coach anybody who desires to learn this system. Currently we have players from as young as 5 years old who are all developing their skills at an incredible rate. We also have players in their early 20’s who are progressing through the belt system and learning skills and philosophies they have never learnt before throughout the years they have been training elsewhere.

How many coaches are there at a session?

A2D Soccer classes are limited to 24 students per session.

We have one Head Coach who will run the session and demonstrate the drills and exercises, along with one or two assistant coaches who attend to each and every student, analyzing their ability and improving their techniques for all of the exercises. Classes are limited to proper student to coach ratios depending on facility size and space

Who are the coaches?

All coaches are A2D Soccer qualified – meaning they are fluent in each belt category skill-wise and coaching wise. They are all experienced coaches and we make sure each and every coach brings the right attitude to maintain a healthy, happy and safe environment for students to come and learn.

We hold A2D Soccer staff training sessions to keep ourselves on our toes, address any problems, analyse and improve coaching techniques and continue to grow as coaches. We are passionate about training and improvement and have every desire to fulfill our roles as leaders and coaches. Further information on our coaches can be found here.

What is 1-v-1?

Our sport used to teach and train players confidence with a ball and maximizing touches on a ball is 1-v-1. We construct small courts of 7 x 15 yards with cones at each end. The area teaches a player that control of a ball is more important to winning than kick and run. A player with speed is great on a big field, but skill is required to win in small areas and as a player advances all players become more equal on speed…so skill becomes the winning component.

So does A2D Soccer only teach dribbling?

A2D Soccer is a training system that allows the student to take responsibility and train themselves. It teaches a way of life, the right attitude towards training and learning in general. We build each and everyone’s individual soccer and dribbling skills, but we also build each and every individual’s character.

The training system is purposely designed to teach ball mastery so that as a student progresses through the levels, they are bringing themselves to a professional level of skills.

Once players develop into exceptional dribblers confident with a ball we progress them into advanced training sessions where we teach more than just dribbling.